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Posted by solokkhz on April 14, 2011

Turbulence Training Workouts works like a charm

After years of doing different types of exercises, I still hadn’t found the right kind of exercise that I want to do every day and enjoy doing it at the same time.  I always refer to different magazines or watch how-to’s on TV and yet I never achieved the body that I always dreamed of.  Having to lose a lot of fat and not having a lean and fit body has always been a gruesome and tiring experience for me to achieve for quite a while now.

Then, I came across the Turbulence Training  website of Craig Ballantyne which changed my fitness-life forever.  Craig Ballantyne is a world-renowned Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and he is also an author of this very popular book ” Turbulence Training “.  At first, I thought “Gosh! Yet another fitness training that will not work.”  But as I read along his website, I really got convinced to try his Turbulence Training Workouts which are not time consuming.

His book is a compiled scientific research from different Turbulence training workouts that are used by different athletes and they really show results.  For me, what I find worthy when I purchased his Turbulence Training book was the time that I needed to spend to do the Turbulence Training Workouts that Craig designed.  I don’t have to spend hours in the gym just to achieve results.

As a young professional I always got consumed by the time I spend working the whole day.  I can only do exercise in the morning or in the evening.  But now, I can do the Turbulence Training workouts and other stuff after my day job after doing the different styles of Craig’s Turbulence Training Workouts.

Turbulence Training Workouts replaces conventional exercise

The time I spend working out before always had to be given priority because I wanted to really get the right body, toned muscles and of course a Six pack abs.  I never had other things to do like go out with my friends during the week due to the fact that I had to keep up with my exercise schedule just to achieve my goal.  But with the Turbulence Training Workouts that I do now, I have time for everything, even listening to רוח מזרחית radio

People before got hooked up with aerobics, doing some gym work, but they don’t realize that they spend a lot of time doing them and most of all waste money at the same time.  They keep thinking that when they continuously do their routinize exercises they will achieve the body that they aimed for.  It’ll take them months or even years just to tone down their fat but not get the “cuts” at the same time.

When I started training with Craig’s Turbulence Training Workouts, I already noticed results instantly.  The good thing about the Turbulence Training workouts is that it doesn’t require a lot of repetitions when you do the different turbulence training exercises.

I can already feel an instant result when I do the turbulence training exercises using the Turbulence Training workouts because I can see my body fat burning down as I do them.  Best of all, it’ll just take me a short time to do the Turbulence Training exercises and get results immediately.

At first I couldn’t believe that doing 8 repetition of this Turbulence Training Workouts per set and just 45 minutes a day, I already burned down a lot of calories.  Not minding the body fat parting away from my body, I can surely say, “Who’s not happier than that!”.  Imagine all the fat you lose and just doing them for a short time.  Who might have guessed before that burning body fat was this easy?  All this I got when I used Craig Ballantyne’s Turbulence Training Workouts.

Is Turbulence Training Workout for Men and Women?

Being a man made me always think that if I looked good, everybody will appreciate me for who I am.  I needed to prove to myself that when I get the body that I want, I can do whatever I want as well.  When you’re fat, you become lazy in everything that you want to do.  You won’t be able to finish what you’ve started because of the thought of being fat makes you already lose interest on the things you do.

The great thing about Turbulence Training Workouts is that it applies to everyone, be it a man, woman, students, older people, etc.  You don’t have to think twice if this is the right workout for you.  It was designed by Craig in such a way that everyone can follow easily the styles and techniques of this workout.

I recommended the Turbulence Training Workouts to my female friend and she herself told me that the turbulence training really works.  She’s a mom and she’s very happy that now she can spend time with her kids at the same time she is doing her turbulence training exercise without the worry that she will not lose calories or fat for just a short time.

Men and women can now enjoy working out at the comfort of their own home without spending more money at the gym.  I actually do the turbulence training workouts with my friends after work, we go to either their house or my house and we simply enjoy doing Craig’s Turbulence Training Workouts.

Turbulence Training

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